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An innovation for high-risk patient supervision in general wards

25% of interventions

For 4 LOm installed on 4 patients during 12 hours, 1 LOm out of 4 will allow at least 1 useful intervention


How does it work ?

It observes the patient and detects the no-movement. In case of detection, it sends an information to a receiver carried by the nurse.


Either you are a Nurse, a Doctor or a Director, you will get benefits from the LOm:

  • Low-cost middle-care alternative
  • Nursing assistance
  • Improved medical supervision

Less than 1 false alarm per 200 hours of use

Our latest clinical experience counts only 2 false alarms for 1000 hours of use 


Key features

Based on a patent combining the passive infrared technology and a calibrated algorithm, it is contactless and emission-free for the patient.

Its redesigned is the result of an important user experience on the field.

Easy to move around, to install and to use, the LOm is deployed without effort over the patient.

The absence of fasle alarms make it totally reliable.

You are...

... distributor

2-Observe is a start-up with an international standing. We are looking for partnerships with disitributors in Europe to extend our market.

Contact us to talk about partnerships opportunities.

...nursing team and doctor

In order to ensure a continuous supervision, between heavy monitoring and low staffing, the LOm supervises patient and triggers an alarm to you when the patient has no more movement in the bed or when he left the bed.

This alarm rings on a portable receiver.

...director and manager

The LOm is a middle-care alternative that allows you to fit your general hospital wards with a reasonable cost.

It intervenes in your hospital performance by reducing the excessive workload of the nursing teams as well as adverse events and it related cost.